HasleWey Community Centre joins our food scheme

The HasleWey Community Centre was delighted to join the FareShare scheme through Furniture Helpline.  It meant they could get the supplies they needed for their centre’s café and lunches cheaper and at the same time help to use food the major supermarkets are unable to sell and have donated to charities like theirs.

Diane Page, Operations Manager, reports that since she and our trustees have been promoting the scheme more charities and community groups have shown an interest.

Our current members are:

  • Grayshott Day Centre
  • Headley Food Bank
  • Age Concern in Petersfield
  • Whitehill RVS Lunch Club
  • Forrest Community Centre
  • Bordon Pre-School & Creche
  • Vokes Lunch Club
  • HasleWey Community Centre

Furniture Helpline works with FareShare, a national charity that saves good food the major supermarkets cannot use and sends it to charities and community groups. The food that is redistributed is fresh, quality and in date surplus from the food industry.