The Timebank is Here!

The Woolmer Forest Timebank – a way of strengthening community an hour at a time.

FHL are acting as the host organisation for the new Woolmer Forest Timebank covering Bordon, Whitehill and the surrounding areas.

Do you have a skill that you can offer to help someone in your community? Maybe you can give them a lift to an urgent appointment, help them to use their computer, walk their dog, help them knit a jumper, help with heavy lifting etc. The options are endless.

For every hour of time you give helping someone, you receive one time credit. You can spend your credits getting help from someone else. Or you can donate them on to others. Or you can save them up for use at a later date.

Everyone’s time is valued equally.

If you want to become involved or just want further information speak to Ingrid on 07723 531922 or email