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Five - Ten Items - £130 GBP

  • You must specify all items to be collected on your booking form, bookings cannot be amended. Bookings received which do not include details requested may be cancelled.

  • When listing your items please include size of item such as single or double mattress, two-seater or three-seater sofa etc.

  • If the item you need collecting is an American Fridge Freezer, Range Cooker, Corner Sofa, Recliner, Triple Wardrobe, these items are classed as two items due to size.

  • Large trampolines and standard 6ft x 4ft sheds are classed as four items, contact us first if your shed is larger. 

  • When booking a bed base and mattress or a dining table and chairs, they would be counted separately as two individual items.

  • We do not collect commercial waste or commercial appliances.

  • Due to increased demand it may take up to a week after you place your order before we contact you with your collection date, and then another week for your collection to take place.

  • We are unable to accommodate bookings that need collection in the same week.

Five - Ten Items - £130 GBP

If your council isn't listed then we do not collect in your area.

Only items listed will be collected. Please include sizes - Single, Double, King or 2 seater or 3 seater etc. 

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Payments are processed by Stripe.

All prices quoted are in GBP currency.

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